Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not in Kansas Anymore- Epistemological Growth

Not in Kansas Anymore
One of the results of my being here that I’ve noticed is that, through a combination of reading, practice, exposure, encounter, and coming into my own, I am allowing myself to be disabused of the heavy Western bias towards a reductionist scientific materialism. In other words, a shortchanging, neglect, or total discounting of the inner/spiritual/energetic/invisible realms, worlds, and deep/subtle reality. Suffice it to say that in my accounting class we never listed ‘soul’ in the asset column, which is too bad, because it doesn’t need to be amortized...People are so quick to talk about ‘believing’ or not ‘believing’ in ‘God’ or spirituality or anything more than the gross (as in conspicuous) level of physicality/materiality. The whole issue becomes a matter of ‘belief,’ a result, I believe, of the Enlightenment approach and understanding (or misunderstanding, or simplification) of religion and apotheosis of reason. Why do we so readily accept ourselves as being real, solid, relatively static? Perhaps the lack is in our sensitivity rather than the absence on the part of Reality? Perhaps we’re lost in ideas and misconceptions? Perhaps the metaphysical can actually be experienced, as all mystical traditions attest? I’d highly suggest reading Ken Wilber, very accessible in his short book “A Theory of Everything,” which goes a long way to help reconcile a lot of things.

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